As has been stated elsewhere, the The Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team some times help other out and one of the Team's
long time supporters has been Brian Angliss (late of AC Cars). In the Eighties Brian's company started rebuilding a second world war Hurricane
soon to be registered G-HURR. In the Photo above taken in 1994 we are towing it from the AC Cars workshop into the Brooklands Museum site.
That evening it was parked in the Paddock and after the sun went down, it's Merlin engine was started. An incredible experience for all of us there

The following year we transported it by road to Blackbushe Airfield for its first flight, which took place 14 January 1996. Here it can be seen on the
Brooklands Conveyor and then after it had been craned off by the Brooklands Belle. Sadly it would be lost at the Shoreham Air show in 2007