The Team first got involved with the Brooklands Vimy in 1994 when it first flew into Brooklands. Here can be seen Peter Mcmillan (the driving force
behind the Vimy) with two of the team, thanking them for their help and presenting them with a 10% of Pizza Hut discount voucher

During the following years various members of the team at various times were involved with the Vimy and it was fitting that at the end of it's
flying career, that BREAST should undertake dismantling the aircraft and moving by road into the museum site 

The huge wings and forward fuselage were loaded onto a low loader borrowed from Warwick Trailers, then the rear was separated and carried
away by a vehicle loaned by CMG. Lifting was supplied by Langley Vale's Brooklands Belle and National Rescues Milly.

As always this work would be imposable without the help of companies like them.

The whole incredible recovery operation (including the Vimy first flying into Brooklands from the Top Gear Hangar), can be seen at the link below.

NOTE There are a number of videos about these jobs and this aircraft in the Aviation Playlist at