Roger Hargreaves, Julian Temple and Milly pose for a Photo at Southend Airport at the start of the Marathon rescue of Viscount Stephen Piercey
October 1989. For those that don't know the story, we strongly recommend a visit to  

Milly was driven to Southend during September 1989 (the longest single journey of her life) and stayed there until the following year.

The Belle and SP2 join Milly to load the fuselage. Note the Weather which always adds an element to the fun! 

On 11th February 1990 G-APIM became the only Viscount to travel under the River Thames (via the Dartford Tunnel) but the convoy was halted
by Surrey Traffic Police just one junction from home, because it was getting Dark! So the truck with its precious load had to sit in a lay-by at
M25 J9 all night long. This picture was taken next day when we finished the job.

Viscount Stephen Piercey being unloaded in the presence of The Mayor, Morag Barton, Sir Peter Masefield and Sir George Edwards

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