This is work in progress and I am adding items as time allows.
If details are missing it is only because I have not had the time yet.

Some of the main Characters (alphabetically)

Alan Poet 

Alan has been a member of the team since it earliest days and although he is not involved so often these days much of the original equipment used by the group (like the wing toast rack, spreading beams and Milly) were built, or repaired by him.

He has promised to return once he retires in a few years however.

Andy Lambert

Andy is really the founder member of the team, as when he was MD of National Rescue, it was himself that Brooklands Museum's Mike Goodall first approached about the collection of exhibits.

Those first jobs were undertaken by Alan, Brian and Andy, but as the team has changed over the years, Andy has remained at the centre of activities (despite claiming he has 'served his term' and should now really be out on Parole) .

Brian Gasson

Brian was there right at the start of the team and was involved in the first ever job collecting the 'weigh in' scales now in the Club House, back in 1984.

He left the team around 2000 but will no doubt turn up again one day.

John Downey

Photos of John are rare as most of the time he is taking them. This one will have to do until a better one comes along.

Well at least that's the story he gives us. It is possible however (because he is posh enough), that he is in fact a missing Lord and is using Brooklands as a cover!

Much of his picture work can be found here 

Julian Temple

Julian joined Brooklands Museum just after Noah had docked the Arc.

These days he claims to just be the Estates and Heritage Manager of Brooklands, but we all know he is the 'Driving Force' behind  much of what BREAST has achieved over the years and provider of the cakes and biscuits.

Jeff Sechiari  

Details to follow

Kai Choi

When he is not on site with BREAST, Kai is busy thrashing out Vivaldi on the High Streets of Southern England, entertaining the masses with his violin. In pursuit of musical Excellency Kai has sold his soul to the Devil - sad, but they do happen to have all the best tunes !! (However, Kai is not best known for his singing.)

Kai is the proud keeper of one of the Hawker Hunters at Brooklands and joined BREAST in 2005 when the team recovered his Hunter from Wycombe Air Park, Booker. Always seen camera ready, he's captured here in the snap happy Japanese tourist mode, even though he was actually from Hong Kong. "

Maurice Jones

Maurice became involved with Brooklands Museum in the early Nineties after a successful career in the gas industry. During his early life, having been called for National Service, he served with the RAF as an armourer.

His long interest in sport and athletics was encouraged by the RAF and until recently he spent much of his spare time as an athletics coach in Surrey. Several Olympic athletes were coached by Maurice. His volunteer work at Brooklands includes restoring many of Barnes Wallis weapons exhibits, member of the Airfield and Vimy ground crew teams, and site work parties.

All though not so active recently due to ill health the team know when Maurice is there the job will get done.

Mick Bates

One of the legends of our time! We welcomed Mick into BREAST in 1988 when he started to dismantle the Brooklands Varsity at Sibson Airfield and we had to collect it.

From then until his untimely death in March 2010, he never stopped amazing us with his ability to work in the most difficult of conditions.

Over the following years we were involved with him on many other Brooklands Projects and of course heard the stores of his many achievements, with other groups. Even after illness robbed him of one of his limbs, he still could be found crawling around in his beloved Britannia Charlie Fox.    RIP Mate!    

Nik Read 

Nik also became involved with Brooklands Museum in the early Nineties having started his career as an avionics engineer in the Fleet Air Arm. Prior to these he had been an air cadet and went to school in Cranleigh under the flight path to Dunsfold.

He is one of two Radio Amateurs on the team and can usually be heard on the radio correcting people's RT procedure.


Martin Strick  

Martin has been with the team for well over ten years now and as the only 'full timer' at Brooklands in the team, he is involved in much site work outside of the team.

Don't let his compact size fool you, when the 'going gets tough' he can swear as loud as any of us. 

Paul Godfrey

We tried to find a picture of Paul that was more suitable than this one, but then Paul Swift pointed out this website is about BREASTs, so we decided to keep it.

Paul always has the capability no matter how hard the job is, to keep smiling and working at it until it is done. As well as being a hard working member of the team for about twenty odd years Paul is also a gifted Professional Cameraman, which may explain what he was doing when the picture was taken.

Sadly in 2014 we lost Paul, while still in his forties. The team were of course devastated and we all know that he will be imposable to replace.  

Paul Swift

Paul is a large than life character, who has been with the team since the early days on and off.

As fit as they come, Paul is also a trained Paramedic, an expert on Health and Safety as well as Risk Assessment. He holds certificates for almost all plant and vehicles as well as being a full trained Rescue Operative. In a nut shell, we all hate him! 

Roger Hargreaves

Roger is a very old hand at aviation rescue and has been involved in various other organisation's rescue and restoration projects. His involvement with BREAST goes back to their very first aircraft recovery in 1988 (Vickers Varsity) and over the years he has brought a huge amount of knowledge to our various larger endeavours.

Here he can be seen suitable dressed for the recovery of the Vickers Viking in June 1991

Ron Brant

Ron was one of the cornerstones of Brooklands Museum in the Nineties, but he still found time to come and play with the Team. His aviation engineering background, meant he could often tell the less experienced members of the team, the best way of achieving a good result.

He holds the dubious distinction of being the only Team member so far, to have suffered a serious injury on a rescue, when Milly's winch tried to eat his finger, just a few moment after this image was taken..

Ron sadly passed away on the 30 May 2006

Steve Avery

Sideways Steve and his famous nose, joined the team in the early nineties and stayed until the Tax Office and a number of single mothers started to catch up with him.

For a short while he went around telling everyone he was some sort of world champion Jaguar driver, but of course no one believed that.

He is thought to work today in some sort of procurement roll, involving teenage ladies and perhaps boys!

Steve Lewis 

Steve was introduced to the team by Roger  Hargreaves, during the early nineties and has popped in and out of it ever since.

Shown right guiding an expensive rig carrying a Vickers Vimy over a car park curb, he is an experienced Ops Manger and is said to cook a mean bacon breakfast! 

Currently he somewhere a little warmer than England.

Tony Amos

Tony is rumoured to be an eccentric millionaire playboy, who just likes hanging around the Museum to keep away from his many lady friends.

Whatever the reasons he is the man if there is a precise and difficult bit of engineering needed (as long as you are not wanting it yesterday) He has been with the team since 1989 and is thought of by everyone as their Dad.

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